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Leaseback Resales: Why are they attractive investments?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are several reasons why investing in a leaseback resale in France instead of a new one can be a winner:

- in hard times like we have seen and that some are still facing, there are great opportunities appearing on the market. Those who purchase few years ago and need to sell quickly for whatever reason are sometimes happy to sell below the current market price for new build, close to the price they originally paid, so it it extremely favorable to the buyers.

- from having an attractive purchase price, you get a more competitive rental return...when comparing with what the new leasebacks propose, you can be better off with a resale.

- you still benefit from the VAT advantage as you 'inherit' this VAT benefit from the existing owner with no procedure involved.

- you get the same LMNP or leaseback tax incentive as if purchasing new, meaning that you can deduct your notaire fees, mortgage interest, etc...from the rental income perceive to avoid paying taxes on rental income.
And finally you can visit and see the apartment you are purchasing, there is no off-plan mistery...which appeal to lots of investors who want to avoid any bad surprise.

We have some of these great investment opportunities in Arc 1950, in Les Coches or Méribel...we have other opportunities not on the website so please feel free to contact us regarding those.

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